Program   Overview

This year, Baker & Bloom will provide gifted and academically talented students special learning opportunities in the humanities and entrepreneurship.

These advanced courses encourage students to:

  • engage in intellectually stimulating discussions facilitated by academic coaches with research and teaching expertise;

  • grapple with central questions in the subjects and gain an in-depth introduction to important fields;

  • stretch and strengthen their critical thinking, imagination, oral and written communication, analytical and rhetorical skills;

  • collaborate with like-mind peers;

  • develop their intellectual and personal maturity.

Each course will culminate in a final project that allows students to explore personal areas of curiosity and to synthesize learning. While there are recommended year levels for each subject, placement will not be based solely on year level but also on ability. Students may be evaluated by Baker & Bloom to determine if a course is an appropriate fit. Scholarships will be given to qualified students with financial need.

The   Courses

Baker & Bloom's inspirED Entrepreneur Program aims to inspire students aged 12 to 15 to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the skills to design their own individual projects by applying Harvard Project Zero and Stanford Design School learning and thinking strategies. Our workshops and speaker sessions will immerse you in the entrepreneurship process to sculpt your path and stretch your limits over 10 weeks.


This course will be taught by our Founder, Renée Boey. Renée has extensive experience in startup education in the Hong Kong community. She is currently an advisor of Cocoon Foundation, curriculum advisor and instructor of the HK Jockey Club CoCoon STEP, and Educational Director of Baker & Bloom.

Baker & Bloom's Latin & Classics Program is a course designed to introduce students aged 12 to 15 to Latin and Classics. Students in this course will learn the Greek alphabet and etymologically-significant Greek words, read Homer's Illiad and Hesiod's Theogonia, and understand the influence of Latin on subsequent European literature, art, and culture.


This course will be taught by our Secondary Division Head, Mr. Chris Coetzee. Experienced and effective Latin teachers are RARE in Hong Kong. Chris has over a decade of teaching experience. Many of his students have achieved outstanding results in English and Latin in IB, IGCSE, A-Levels and AP programs. Before joining Baker & Bloom, Chris was the head of the Classics Department at the ISF Academy.

Baker & Bloom's Law and Contemporary Law Debates Program is a course designed to introduce students aged 13 to 15 to the main aspects of English legal system and English law. This gives all budding solicitors and barristers a chance to develop a solid legal foundation on which to build their future legal studies by learning how the law functions in modern society. Students in this course will meet legal practitioners, explore the legal system, and develop a broad range of skills including critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills, decision making, analytical, and legal writing skills.

This course will be taught by Dr. Richard Lee. Dr. Lee has extensive experience in law studies and teaching in Hong Kong schools.

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