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Christmas Workshops 2014

Writing as a Journalist (G6-7/G8-9)

What makes a feature story gripping and relevant? How do journalists conduct research and interviews to gain a diversity of perspective? What are the differences between news and commentary? This workshop introduces students to the craft as well as values of journalism, teaching them to research as well as strategies to make their writing clearer, crisper, and more compelling. Students will work on a feature article on a topic they enjoy and learn to research, draft, and revise a feature news story. 


inspirED Creative Thinker (G8-9)

This is an “minds-on” boot camp to enhance thinking, problem-solving, and learning skills. Students will learn through a design project that will result in a final proposal. Design thinking – championed by David and Thomas Kelley of IDEO and the Stanford d. School – is at the heart of this class, which is a taster for our spring inspirED Creative Thinker course. We aim to cultivate creative confidence and to help students internalize the design thinking process which helps students learn to be more empathetic, imaginative, and collaborative. It is an approach that leads them to understand that iteration is key to developing quality ideas. The Christmas workshop is a fun and collaborative way to put design thinking into action.


inspirED Global Leader: Conflicts in History and Today (G8-10)

Curious about our Spring Global Leader class? Try out this taster Christmas workshop that prompts students to examine the causes of conflicts and wars in history and their impact on society and cultures today. We ask questions such as “to what extent do topics like religion, humanity, ethnic groups, environmental and economical issues play in historical and modern-day conflicts?” Students will be asked to evaluate how conflicts on a macro level can impact people on a micro level. In exploring different types of conflicts, we hope to inspire them to analyze situations from different perspectives and dimensions.

English (G3-4/G5-6)

Our workshops all aim to inspire interest in literature and in English. Each workshop has a specific topic for the two days and we will explore fiction and non-fiction texts based on the relevant topic. Using Harvard Project Zero Visible Thinking strategies as well as writing-centered approach to the texts, we develop students’ ability to appreciate and analyze literature and their awareness of literary elements ranging from dialogue and plot structure to hyperbole and imagery. Students will develop domain-specific vocabulary and exercise their writing and thinking muscles. By choosing texts that we know are fun and engrossing to each age group, we hope to inspire children to engage with literature in a more creative and personal way.


inspirED Performer (G5-7)

“All the world’s a stage...” Drama and performance are hugely empowering fields that are often neglected in the traditional curriculum. This dynamic six-hour drama workshop will be a fun and creative learning experience for children that will build skills and help them explore their interest in public speaking and dramatic performance.

Targeted benefits of the workshop:

  • -  enhance communication skills

  • -  build self-confidence

  • -  develop empathy and social awareness

  • -  cultivate creativity and imagination

  • -  encourage collaboration and teamwork

    Improvisational and role-play exercises in this workshop will offer students the chance to experiment with practical aspects of communication – body language, voice, facial expressions, and space – and to develop spontaneity and creativity.


inspirED Super Learner (G6-8)

This four-hour workshop will offer students a glimpse of the strategies, habits and practices that we employ in our semester-long course, which enhances learning and deepens understanding in all subjects. One of the chief goals is to foster a “growth mindset” that thrives on challenges and views failure as a springboard for stretching existing abilities. This mindset creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for greater accomplishment.

The Harvard Project Zero Visible Thinking tools and the Multiple Intelligences approach are also employed to engage students in structured inquiry and mindful learning.


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