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STEM-focused science incorporates technology, engineering, and math into the study of biology, chemistry, and physics, and ecology. We base lessons and activities on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  NGSS is one of the newest curriculum developed by Nobel prize-winning scientists and engineers a decade ago. It is widely becoming the standard for top U.S. schools in California, Michigan, and New York. Its unique Scientific-Engineering method emphasizes observational science, recording unique data, then applying computational thinking and pattern recognition to distill data into a new finding is immensely useful in this digital age.  The curriculum content is aligned with the U.S. Advanced Placement (AP) classes.


Baker & Bloom’s innovative science program aims to use AR/VR to introduce complex scientific concepts earlier and provide more scaffolding than traditional school programs.  For example, the visualization of zooming in on a human hair to the atomic level allows us to introduce the atomic model to students as young as Grade 1. This means we can introduce parts of the periodic table, such as Hydrogen and Oxygen, in grade one and help answer those endless questions that relate to water.  This adds depth and meaning to each element of the periodic table so that by Grade 4, students will know the elements not by name only, but by its discovery history, its properties, its everyday uses, etc.


Science is the discovery of universal laws, tech and engineering is the application of these universal laws for solving human needs.  Hence our Project Based Learning (PBL) curriculum combined with NGSS arms students with life long skills that can weather any digital storm in their future.  “Prepare the Child for the Road, Not the Road for the Child.” 

Planning & Carrying Out Investigations

Analyzing & Interpreting Data

Developing & Using Models

Constructing Explanations & Designing Solutions

Engaging in Arguments based on Evidence

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