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How do you become a wise consumer and creator of media? 

The question above grows more important by the day as sources of information and misinformation flood our devices and dominate our screens.


It is becoming harder and harder to distinguish the lies from the truth, to think straight in the face of steady streams of "breaking news", and to break free from the addictive distraction of the newest apps and videos. 

The difficulty of the task is compounded by a lack of education and knowledge concerning the use of media. It is as if we expect the younger generation to exercise self-discipline and moderation, unprompted, living in a world designed and built for excess. 

It is for this reason that we have partnered up with The New York Times to offer seminars and workshops on Media Literacy.


We begin on December 8th, with a parent seminar hosted by our Founder Renée Boey to offer tips and advice on how to help your children develop a healthy relationship with media.


We are also offering Media Literacy workshops this Christmas (December 17-28) for students aged 12-18. Using the New York Times, students will learn to think critically about the information they consume, on and offline. 

Lastly, attendees of the talk and participants of the workshop will be able to subscribe to the NYT for one year at an exclusive discount rate. 

We hope to see you there! 

(If you cannot join us this December, don't worry. We will be hosting more seminars and workshops in the upcoming year, so stay tuned to this page!) 

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