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The Social Entrepreneurship Series 2015

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.  ~  Mahatma Gandhi


Changemakers of today are committed to building a more just and sustainable world in new ways.  Social entrepreneurship draws upon innovation in every field from business and law to design and technology to tackle pressing social problems.  


Our workshops introduce students to successful models of social enterprise, foundational skills for launching a service project of their own, and the chance to meet and have conversations with successful social entrepreneurs.  They will learn about microfinance, human-centered design, crowdfunding, and venture philanthropy.  Guest speakers range from founders of social enterprises to tech entrepreneurs and angel investors.


Empower yourself to effect change and live positively.

July 6, 2015, 10am to 1pm

Topic: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

  • Why is social entrepreneurship necessary and important?

  • What is social entrepreneurship and what forms does it take?

  • How do you become a social entrepreneur?

  • What are some successful models ad strategies?

July 7, 2015, 10am to 1pm

Topic: Design Thinking and Social Innovation

  • What is design thinking -  a mindset and process promoted at the Stanford Design School and influential companies like IDEO? 

  • How can design help scale and deepen social impact? 

  • What is the role of user empathy in design? 

  • What is the importance of human-centered design?

  • How can you boost your own creative confidence?



Matthew Tung, Chariful, Founder (Winner of Best Design and Most Charitable App awards at the hackUST)

Brian Tang, MakerCamp Hong Kong, Organizer, Kids4Kids, Board Member

July 8, 2015, 10am to 1pm

Topic: Launching a Successful Social Enterprise in Hong Kong

  • Learn directly from a successful social entrepreneur how to build a team and start an award-winning enterprise.

  • How can collaboration among government, university, and private organizations help further your cause?

  • What are the challenges and opportunities that Hong Kong presents?

  • How can you apply lessons learned to your own service projects and school organizations? 


Guest Speaker and Case Study: Svetlana Kumanova (Wharton Business School) from Twopresents – an award-winning social enterprise in Hong Kong


Guest Speaker: Kenny Cheung, Nurturing Social Minds, The Yeh Family Philanthropy, Programme Executive

July 9, 2015, 10am to 1pm

Topic: Business Model Generation

  • An introduction to the “Business Model Canvas” framework that many Silicon Valley startups and entrepreneurs around the world have adopted.

  • Learn about the components of a viable business model such as key products and services, key resources, customer channels, and revenue streams? 

  • How can you apply this framework to analyze different social enterprises and create an effective project or even enterprise of your own?


Speakers and Case Study: Fion Leung and Suetyi Wong, Time Auction Hong Kong, Co-founders

July 10, 2015, 10 am to 2pm

Topic & Field Trip: Crossroads: A Model Innovative Non-Profit for our Globalized Age

  • Visit to Crossroads, participate in the Blind and HIV X-perience, and meet Jason Noble, Crossroads Engagement Strategist, to learn about the history and development of this renowned and innovative organization Crossroads

Jul 11, 2015, 10 am to 5pm

Project Development Bootcamp

What can a group of passionate young people achieve in a day with the right guidance?  This intensive one-day bootcamp pushes students to try to design a meaningful, viable service project in one day!


You will receive guidance and support and immediate critical feedback as you test out new ideas and start building your dream project.


 From idea generation to research and prototyping, from figuring out revenue models and key activities to locating resources and partners, we will be there with you every step of the way to challenge you to draw up a plan to change the world “for good”!   Join us for this exhilarating experience of rapid creation!

July 13, 2015, 10am to 1pm

Topic: Technology in Social Innovation

  • How can computers, intelligent machines, and new technologies radically enhance what social entrepreneurs do?

  • What types of emerging technologies are shaping the future of social innovation? 

  • How do some of the best social enterprises use technology to improve their work, for example, to personalize their services?

  • Ask a Stanford educational technology entrepreneur about his experiences and views on this subject. 


Speaker: Andrew Kwan, OutWhiz and Edore, Founder and CEO (Harvard, Stanford)

July 14, 2015, 10am to 1pm

Topic: Communities in Social Entrepreneurship

  • How can communities foster and speed up innovation?

  • How can we contribute to creating cultures that promote social good?

  • How do social entrepreneurs draw from the power of crowdsourcing and global villages? 

  • Meet and learn from a social entrepreneur who manages a vibrant community for the aging in Hong Kong. 


Speaker: Stephanie Tan, The Kinnet, Executive Director; Table for Two, Co-founder (French Culinary Institute)

July 15, 2015, 2pm to 5pm

Topic: Perfect Pitch – A Workshop on Presentations

  • What is a successful pitch?

  • How can a good pitch help you promote your ideas, find collaborators and secure support?

  • How do you deliver a great pitch?

  • Get feedback from a startup angel investor who frequently judges pitch events. 


Speaker: Roland Yau, CoCoon Pitch Night Judge, Investment Director (NYU, Peking University, University of London, LLB)

July 16, 2015, 2pm to 5pm

Topic: Leadership and Resilience

  • Who are some models leaders and social entrepreneurs and what can we learn from them? 

  • What are different ways to lead and what is your own leadership style?

  • How do we cultivate inner strength and resilience to cope with the confusion, change and disappointments that socialentrepreneurs and innovators have to face?


Speaker: Arnold Chan, Teach4HK良師香港, Founder (Harvard Business School)  

July 17, 2015 2pm to 5pm

Pitch Day!

  • Come listen to students from the inspirED Social Entrepreneurship Program present their service projects before a panel of judges, including Ms Rachel Chan, CEO of Junior Achievement Hong Kong.

  • Vote for your favorite!  Share your ideas and thoughts.

  • A chance to be inspired by the creativity and passion of other students.



Rachel Chan, Junior Achievement Hong Kong, CEO

Theodore Ma, CoCoon, Co-founder, MaBelle Jewellery, Managing Director (Stanford)

Arnold Chan, Teach4HK良師香港, Founder (Harvard Business School)

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& Judges


Renée Boey 

Baker & Bloom

Founder and

Educational Director

(Harvard, Cambridge)


Arnold Chan



(Harvard Business School)


Rachel Chan

Junior Achievement Hong Kong



Kenny Cheung

Nurturing Social Minds

The Yeh Family Philanthropy

Programme Executive


Ada Chu

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities

(Cambridge, Harvard Business School)


Anca Chung

Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation

Senior Manager

Corporate Communications

(Penn, LSE)


Fion Leung

Time Auction Hong Kong




Theodore Ma



MaBelle Jewellery

Managing Director



Svetlana Kumanova



(Wharton Business School)


Andrew Kwan

OutWhiz and Edore

Founder and CEO

(Harvard, Stanford)


Stephanie Tan

The Kinnet

Executive Director

Table for Two


(French Culinary Institute)


Brian Tang

MakerCamp 2015 Hong Kong



Board Member


Roland Yau

CoCoon Pitch Night Judge

Investment Director

(NYU, Peking University, University of London, LLB)


Suetyi Wong

Time Auction Hong Kong


(University of Southern California)

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