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Think and communicate better in 2019


We have three main offerings this season: inspirED Reader & Writer, inspirED STEM, and Public Speaking

These courses will teach the following: 


  • Our inspirED Reader & Writer course gives your child the tools to read, think, and write better. Our diverse text selection, curated by literacy expert Ms. Rebecca Bush, engages students and helps them understand the world around them. Through rounded literacy instruction, we look to help students develop character and emotional intelligence


  • The inspirED STEM course, led by former NASA engineer Ms. Mei Chen, trains your child in inter-disciplinary, first principles thinking. Unlike other subject-based approaches, our instruction is driven by students’ interest in particular real-world problems. By leveraging their passions, we help students understand how science and technology can shape our lives.

  • Lastly, our Public Speaking course gives your child the physical and mental skills to communicate with confidence. Taught by classically-trained actor Ms. Celene Chang, students will learn to approach speeches, debates, and presentations not as anxiety-inducing problems but puzzles to be solved. Not only do students gain confidence learning public speaking, they also become more present and in tune with their actions


In addition, we also offer the following group classes:  SAT and ACT Test Prep, IGCSE English, IBDP and AP English, G9-10 & IBDP Physics


Ms. Renée Boey founded Baker & Bloom in 2014 with the mission to help students “cultivate intelligence and character”. Now heading into our 5th year, Baker & Bloom has helped 1000+ students and their families achieve just that and more, inside and outside the classroom. We believe that we can help you too. 


We look forward to welcoming you into our classrooms soon. 

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