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How to help your child plan, design, and prepare for a transformative summer

Imagine the following...



Your child starts her summer off with a project she cares deeply about. She plans it out from beginning to end, engages mentors, manages her team, and produces something meaningful.



Then she moves off to summer camp, during which she learns about a passionate interest of hers. She befriends with like-minded peers and returns home full of passion and direction.


Weeks away from school, she knuckles down and gets to academic work. She has learned how to manage her time and how to study, so what used to be a hair-pulling, tear-inducing chore turns into a relaxed and confidence-building journey.


Sounds impossible? We say not. 


And this is not the only journey she can take. 


To help your family experience the best summer possible, we decided to put together this "User Guide". In it, you will find the tools, resources, and worldly wisdom to make your child's journey unique, meaningful, and ultimately transformative. 


First, some advice from our Founder...

The User Guide

Coming Soon!

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