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Summer Courses 2014 - Grades 6 to 8



Autobiographical Writing Workshop

This is a one-week course in which students learn to reflect and write about meaningful experiences.  Students will experiment with autobiographical writing in different genres (poetry, essays, short stories, etc.) to help them understand the elements of style and to discover their own voice. 


This course teaches thinking and writing skills important for any middle school student.  It also prepares them for the challenge of writing personal statements for various purposes in the future since it deepens self-understanding and equips them with more expressive skills.


Students are welcome to enroll in our Autobiographical Writing Workshop in the Fall to build upon the work they begin here.


5 days, 4 hrs a day.  28 Jul to 1 Aug, 2014.

Academic Writing Workshop 


Art and Creative Writing​



This is an interdisciplinary course in which students are encouraged to write stories, poems, and essays inspired by visual art.  Students also get exposure to literature inspired by great pieces of artwork and thus experience the exciting dialogue between two art forms.


This course is designed to stretch imaginations and also teaches students to compare and contrast the fundamental elements of visual and written artistic expression.


This is a fun way to improve writing skills and boost one's creativity.  


 5 days, 4 hrs a day.  4 Aug to 8 Aug, 2014.

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