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How can we help your child?

Have you decided what your child should do this summer? 


Should you send them abroad for an immersive, interest-driven camp experience? 

Should they do more exercises, more papers, so that their grammar gets better?

Or should they just be left alone, free to explore whatever tickles their fancy? 


It is hard to decide, with all the uncertainty going around.

Especially when schools have been closed and you aren't sure how much they've learned.


Or what they need to know.

Which is why, this summer...

We are offering four distinct types of English workshops

all drawn from our inspirED Reader & Writer program:

Reading, Writing, Fundamentals, and Deep Dives

Each workshop type targets a different area of educational need.


When put together, their force multiplies. 

Which is a long way of saying:

we can help your child learn a whole lot more this summer. 

But we teach more than English.

We are also introducing new inspirED STEM offerings, along with our ever-popular Public Speaking workshops. 

Also, there is always the choice of forming your own

Private Class with your child and their friends,

allowing them to play and learn to their hearts’ content under the expert guidance of our teachers.

 Our goal at Baker & Bloom stays the same no matter what class your child joins:

To cultivate creativity and develop character. 


Start your child on a meaningful learning journey today. 

Tel: 2110-4788                 


Address: 1/F & 6/F, China Hong Kong Tower, 8-12 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

School Registration Number: 598534

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