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Our Approach

Here at Baker & Bloom, our mission is to cultivate a love of learning and to teach students how to learn and innovate so that they can flourish in a fast-changing world.


As the admission process and landscape evolves, we must continue to ensure that we are approaching admissions with an authentic mindset. To us, the application process is as important as the result and we will become your child’s teacher, mentor, and cheerleader. 


Every person – every family – has a unique story. At Baker & Bloom we take a personalized approach to help you develop the little stories you have accumulated over time into a narrative that will bring out your child’s personality as well as showcase their achievements. 


To us, the admissions process is a journey of self-discovery: an opportunity for the student and parents to take a pause and evaluate their accomplishments and envision the future beyond high school and university. 


We hope to work with your family as partners to chart out the best path towards long term success for your child.

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