Parent Testimonials

“My kids love coming to Baker & Bloom because teachers here know them and find ways to motivate and help them explore their own potentials.  Mr. Soto uncovered the creative side of my younger daughter and she now enjoys writing and making up short stories at home. For my elder daughter, since coming to Mr. Coetzee's class, she has developed an interest in international and social issues.  Our dinner conversation has since become so much more interesting!  Getting inspired to learn here is why I think my kids find it rewarding coming to Baker & Bloom.”


–  Parent of G3 and G7 students at St. Paul’s Coeducational College

“Renee's unique teaching philosophy has not only helped both my children make a smooth transition from a local school to an international school, it has gone a long way in helping them both rise to the challenge of critical thinking and expression by helping develop their analytical, comprehension and structured essay writing skills. These skills are expected and required but not often taught at school. The skills taught and developed by Baker and Bloom have been applied by my kids to a variety subjects at school, including English, history, and geography.  The structure of the small group classes and the teaching philosophy which emphasises and encourages student opinions and participation give my children a trusted platform to express their views, which has in turn given them invaluable confidence and validation.  The Baker and Bloom experience has been a good and valued one.”


–  Parent of G6 student at DBS

“My children and I love B&B.  They went to various private educational institutions before but B&B makes the experience of learning so different.  It is more than a tuition centre.  B&B helps the students beyond the school work.  It is a place for the inquiring minds.  Thanks to the stimulating programs and wonderful teachers, my children feel excited to learn and flourish with confidence.  B&B has enlightened them in a joyful way and helped their intellectual minds in blooming.   It is the people that make B&B a positive difference.”


–  Parent of G6 student at Glenealy School and G12 student at Oundle School (UK)

“I wish to convey my deepest gratitude to Ms Boey and Mr Coetzee for providing a targeted and resourceful approach in developing my daughter’s learning and language skills. Their classes were always well structured, with special attention given to methods and techniques to learn specific knowledge for the task being covered. My daughter has truly gained skills and wisdom that will enable her to face the future with confidence and vigour in the years ahead. Knowledge is boundless, whereas time is limited. To me, time is always well spent at Baker and Bloom.”


–  Parent of G11 student at GSIS

“My daughter and son have very different personalities yet both of them became inspired and more self-confident after their summer at Baker & Bloom. 


My daughter participated in the inspirED Social Entrepreneurship summer program in July.  Interacting with underprivileged children only slightly younger than herself and listening to speakers from a range of social enterprises gave my daughter more empathy and understanding about social issues in Hong Kong.   She became noticeably more mature and gained a greater sense of personal responsibility after the 2 weeks.  Another unexpected outcome was that working together with the Baker & Bloom team and her student peers, she learned how to develop a business model for her own charity project which will be a terrific roadmap for the coming years. 


My son studying at Cambridge had less time but a more focused purpose at Baker & Bloom.  He wanted to do a consulting summer internship so a Baker & Bloom advisor coached him to hone his interviewing skills.  Renée also introduced him to actual consultants in the field.  The process improved his capacity to think more broadly and to speak with greater confidence.  He was delighted to get the internship and felt that Baker & Bloom made a big difference for him.”


– Parent of two, a Social Entrepreneurship student at GSIS & an Academic Coaching student at Cambridge

"Even though my daughter has always been more drawn towards the sciences, Ms. Boey instilled in her a passion for reading and an interest in literary appreciation. She was also very helpful in identifying my daughter's strengths and areas of improvement as well as in giving us advice on how to motivate her to explore different academic disciplines in attempting to find an area of particular interest. We are really thankful to Ms. Boey for teaching my daughter how to learn, which is something she could not have learnt from anyone else."

– Parent of CIS student

“I am a typical Hong Kong parent and my son has gone through a lot of tutors – by far, Renee was the most dedicated one.  Not only did she nurture his creativity, but she also encouraged him to expand his knowledge by reading different books. She laid a solid foundation for him in essay writing.  This skill was invaluable when he wrote his personal statement for his college applications.  I think helping a child develop an inquisitive mind and providing them with the skills to learn is more important than getting a 100% on the next test.  Renee has definitely equipped my son with those necessary skills that will benefit him for life.”


– Parent of former CIS student currently at Cornell

“Renee taught my children English when they were in middle school.  To this day, my children are still in awe of the amount of thought and effort Renee puts into giving meaningful feedback on their work.  Not only is Renee known for her strength in helping students academically, she is also one of the most popular teachers.”

– Parent of two students at The ISF Academy

Student Testimonials

“Ms. Boey is an extremely inspirational teacher who not only exposed me to techniques of literary criticism early on, but also instilled in me the passion for reading and learning.  She constantly encouraged me to expand my intellectual horizons through podcast and book recommendations.  Ms. Boey was so much more than an English and Humanities teacher to me – she was a mentor who cared about my personal and intellectual growth and who saw that there was more to education than what's on the curriculum and the syllabus.  I would not be who I am now without her!”

– Former student currently at Princeton

“Ms. Boey is the most enthusiastic and caring teacher I have ever met in all my school years.  She is creative, organized and teaches in an innovative way. When we were studying Romeo and Juliet, we approached Shakespeare’s text in various ways, including making “character boxes” to analyze characters. I had to choose and create objects representative of Juliet and write about them.  I still remember making a dagger and decorating a sleeping potion. This fun activity got us thinking critically and creatively.

Lessons with Ms. Boey were never boring. I looked forward to class every time and she made me fall in love with English. She is passionate about teaching and cares about her students’ well-being.  We have kept in touch over the years.  For me, she is more than a model teacher; Ms. Boey is genuinely an inspiring and encouraging mentor.”


– Former student, currently studying Medicine at
University College London

“I loved Ms. Boey’s lessons when she was my IB DP English teacher. She makes lessons fun, engaging and intellectually stimulating with activities such as debates and presentations. Ms. Boey was also my supervisor for the DP Extended Essay I wrote and she helped me improve massively on essay writing. She gave very specific and useful feedback on each piece of coursework which not only took my understanding of the material to another level, but also helped me develop writing and analytical skills that continue to be helpful now that I’m studying law at university.  Ms. Boey is a very encouraging teacher and she dedicates a lot of time and effort towards teaching and helping students; she educated and inspired me a lot and I'm so grateful to have had her as my English teacher.”


– Former IB DP Language and Literature course student who scored 7 on her DP exam, currently studying Law at the London School of Economics


“People can forget formulas, statistics, vocabulary and even entire languages.  But I do believe that one’s method of learning, processing information, reasoning and remaining motivated stays with you.  And I believe that despite the competitive nature of education today, having a creative, mindful and passionate attitude towards learning is a much more rewarding, sustainable, and ultimately effective way of achieving one’s aspirations. That is something that Ms. Boey has always strived to instill in every student and something which I have begun to appreciate, develop and will treasure for the rest of my life.”


– Former student currently at Winchester College

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