“The skills taught and developed by Baker & Bloom have been applied by my kids to a variety of subjects at school, including English, history, and geography. The structure of the small group classes and the teaching philosophy, which emphasizes and encourages student opinions and participation, give my children a trusted platform to express their views, which in turn has given them invaluable confidence and validation.” 


- Parent of G6 students, Diocesan Boys’ School

“I chose to enrol my child after understanding Baker & Bloom’s educational approach and philosophy. I felt that a lot of thought had been put into what children need to learn and how to motivate them to learn those lessons. I could not have asked for more from his wonderful teacher… and immediately signed up for [another] course.”


- Parent of G2 student, Hong Kong International School

“[My son’s teacher at Baker & Bloom] is fantastic and has helped him in moving up his grading in English from a D in iGCSE to a B in IB.”


- Parent of G11 student, Island School

“I couldn’t be more happy with the approach, on-going communication and results that we are seeing... By far this has been the best [educational] experience we have had. I now have a much clearer view of how we can assist my daughter to improve her reading. I’m very grateful!”


- Parent of G3 student at The Harbour School

“My children enjoy the lessons at Baker & Bloom tremendously. They are very impressed by and keen to learn from their teacher.”


- Parent of G9 students, Hong Kong International School

“My daughter said at school, she often felt like hundreds of different aeroplanes were flying at her from different directions. Sometimes the planes landed safely, sometimes they crashed, but often they flew over her head. In [her Baker & Bloom] class the planes (or information) intentionally fly into her brain. They land safely in the correct place and are not being knocked by other planes.”


- Parent of G4 student, German-Swiss International School

“After one term, [my daughter] emerged not just with an acute grasp of word structures and concepts of print, but as a confident word-builder and creative storyteller who loved using her newfound armory of words to construct her own tales.” 


- Parent of K2 student, Braemar Hill

My son wanted to do a consulting summer internship so a Baker & Bloom advisor coached him to hone his interviewing skills and also introduced him to actual consultants in the field. The process improved his capacity to think more broadly and to speak with greater confidence. He was delighted to get the internship and felt that Baker & Bloom made a big difference for him.”


- Parent of a former Academic Coaching student, now at the University of Cambridge

“Not only did [my son's Admissions Counselor at Baker & Bloom] nurture his creativity, but she also encouraged him to expand his knowledge by reading different books. She laid a solid foundation for him in essay writing. This skill was invaluable when he wrote his personal statement for his college applications.  I think helping a child develop an inquisitive mind and providing them with the skills to learn is more important than getting a 100% on the next test. [Baker & Bloom] has definitely equipped my son with those necessary skills that will benefit him for life.”


- Parent of a former Admissions student, now at Cornell University

“My kids love coming to Baker & Bloom because teachers here know them and find ways to motivate and help them explore their own potentials. Getting inspired to learn here is why I think my kids find it rewarding coming to Baker & Bloom.”


- Parent of G3 and G7 students, St. Paul’s Coeducational College

“[Baker & Bloom's] classes are always well structured, with special attention given to methods and techniques to learn specific knowledge for the task being covered. My daughter has truly gained skills and wisdom that will enable her to face the future with confidence and vigor in the years ahead. Knowledge is boundless, whereas time is limited. To me, time is always well spent at Baker & Bloom.”


- Parent of G11 student, German-Swiss International School

“My children and I love Baker & Bloom. They went to various private educational institutions before but Baker & Bloom makes the experience of learning so different. It is more than a tuition centre. Baker & Bloom helps the students beyond the school work. It is a place for the inquiring minds. Thanks to the stimulating programs and wonderful teachers, my children feel excited to learn and flourish with confidence. Baker & Bloom has enlightened them in a joyful way and helped their intellectual minds in blooming. It is the people that make Baker & Bloom a positive difference.”


- Parent of G6 student, Glenealy School and G12 student, Oundle School (UK)