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Our Story

Founded in 2014 by Harvard and Cambridge graduate Renée Boey, Baker & Bloom is a K-12 education organization that immerses students in academic rigor and creative thinking to prepare them for studying abroad and future careers.


With the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and unpredictable global forces, young people need to adapt and embrace lifelong learning to survive and succeed. Baker & Bloom understands this need and so we empower students with the optimal mindsets and 21st-century skills through excellence in teaching.


Our professional and passionate teachers and original Four-Leaf Approach motivate students to learn deeply. One student at a time, we enhance human potential and creativity.

Our  Name: 
Why Baker & Bloom?

 Our Mission 

To cultivate a love of learning and to teach students how to learn and innovate so they can flourish in a fast-changing world. 

Baker & Bloom Logo


Our teachers and advisors work together to create an original, leading-edge curriculum that builds and extends understanding.


We strive to offer personal mentorship during pivotal years of development.

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