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Welcome to the

Bloom Innovation Program

An Education for Tomorrow, Today

"It is [the] combination of play, passion, and purpose that best develops the discipline and perseverance required to be a successful innovator."

- Tony Wagner, Harvard Innovation Lab


What is the Bloom Innovation Program?

When faced with a brave new world, every parent and educator has to come up with brave new answers. But when it comes to our own kids' education, nobody wants to take risks, even though it is far riskier not to adapt.


Sweeping technological changes have reshaped our children's brains, their future careers, and the way they play and learn. It's made a lot of skills irrelevant, and others essential. 

This is why we are building a new school that will open in 2021 in Hong Kong.


Our mission is to cultivate compassionate and capable innovators and creators who can thrive in life. Our team has been learning from transformational schools around the world and we are creating a bilingual school that draws from best practices.


Since Fall 2019, we have been running a successful full-time pilot program for those interested in joining our school. The Bloom Innovation Program offers project-based, real-world learning, as well as one of the most academically rigorous and personalized programs around.


Designed by experienced and forward-looking educators, engineers, and entrepreneurs, this bilingual program of innovation emphasizes social emotional intelligence, project-based learning, and compassionate creativity.

We invite you and your children to join us for what educator David Perkins calls a "Futurewise" education. 

Yours sincerely, 

Renée Boey

Founder & Educational Director of Baker & Bloom

The Three Pillars

Learn about the design tenets of our program 

Bloom Students Are...

Upcoming Info Sessions

2020-08-21 Bloom Flyer2.png

Friday 21 August 2020 @ 4:00 - 6:00pm

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Hear from our parents & students

"We find ourselves very lucky to have found Baker & Bloom. The small classes allow for engaged and interactive lessons and therefore a happier and easier way to learn. We are very impressed with the faculty, and our son loves the approach and challenges by the math teacher, Mr. Ko."

- Barbara (Parent of Secondary student)

"My daughter used to be labelled as shy and quite by her teachers. It is no longer the case. She is now speaking up and making friends with great ease. Her reading level also becomes well ahead of her age. I am most grateful for Bloom teachers' dedication to her all-round wellbeing."

- Bruce (Parent of Primary student)

"A breath of fresh air coming from a local school background. Bloom has given my daughter the opportunity to learn in a small class size environment where her questions are properly acknowledged and her emotional wellbeing is addressed on a daily basis." 

- Elaine (Parent of Primary student)

"When I tell my friends about our school, their first reaction is to tell me that they wish they could be a Bloom student as well. My time at Bloom has been the best two years or so of my school life. The classes are fascinating, particularly Latin, where a single word can spark a conversation from etymology to geography to life philosophy and everything in between." 

"I've gone from dreading STEM subjects to actively reading and researching what I learnt in class that day (there's also lots of cool projects!)"

"I guess it says a lot about a school when you want to go back two days into the holidays :)"

- A Bloom Secondary student

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