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Chris Coetzee

Chris Coetzee completed his first undergraduate degree in Music at Stellenbosch University, specializing in composition, orchestration, and singing. This was followed by a second undergraduate degree in Languages and Culture, majoring in Latin, literature, and ancient cultures.

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He later completed postgraduate degrees in classical literature and teaching, qualifying as a senior certificate high school teacher for Latin, English, Music, and History before embarking upon an international teaching career. This has led him to teach over 30 subjects in South Africa, Germany, South Korea, and Hong Kong. He specialises in IBDP, AP, IGCSE, and A-Levels.
Apart from teaching, Chris has also worked as department head, head of senior academics, pedagogy workshop leader, and educational inspector. He has worked with a wide variety of national and international curricula and most recently taught IB Latin, English and Humanities at the ISF Academy.
Apart from his passion in music, literature, rhetoric, and the humanities in general, Chris’s previous work as a trends analyst has given him a great interest in the future and the young people who have to face it. He also plays the organ surreptitiously and enjoys Shakespeare’s sense of humor.



"Rara temporum felicitate, ubi sentire quae velis, et quae sentias dicere licet.”

– Publius Cornelius Tacitus

Translation: It is the rare fortune of these days that one may think what one likes and say what one thinks.
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