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This Easter, our workshops were a huge success. The children had a fun yet rigorous learning experience. 


Here are some photos from our workshops! 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Down the Chocolate River (G1-2)


Row, row, row your boat...What do you see, smell, taste, wonder? Let's explore the world of senses! In this short but sweet workshop, children learned about sensory description - words and phrases (including similies, metaphors and idioms) that brought to life to the five senses! Building on a chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one of Roald Dahl's classics, we introduced young children to the wonderful, imaginative world of the author and encouraged the youngsters to pick up the book, read and reread!


Reading for Music Lovers (G5-7) 


Do you ever listen to music or sing along, and realize that you have no idea what the lyrics mean? Behind some of the biggest hits of today are references to literature, complex figuartive language, and all kinds of history. If you don't understand these, then you are missing out on really knowing the songs. This workshop helped improve student comprehension skills by examining the lyrics of popular bands such as Bastille and Imagine Dragons. 

Global Leader: My Global Footprint (G3-5)


In a world of constant change it is important for young students to identify different cultures and how we are interlinked. This workshop enabled younger children to learn about the world in which they live and their role within it. Students looked at topics such as nationality and climate change through activities such as brainstorming, creative writing, comprehension and presenting. 


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