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Megan Kwan-Nixon

Megan Kwan-Nixon has been a mentor to children of all ages for over 15 years and is an advocate for helping others nurture and develop their confidence. Originally from Vancouver, Megan taught at two of the best independent schools in Canada: York House School and West Point Grey Academy.


During her five years as an elementary educator at West Point Grey Academy, she helped re-shape the scope of learning of the school’s Grade 3 curriculum to align and modernize learning with the province-wide introduction of the BC New Curriculum.


As an educator for over a decade, Megan Kwan-Nixon prides herself in consistently allowing students to find joy in both themselves and in their education. Throughout her years as a kindergarten teacher and grade 3 homeroom teacher at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, and as a grade 1-7 teacher at her alma mater, York House School, she has gained and mastered the skills of pedagogical knowledge.


Megan’s experience as an athlete and as a former basketball and track and field coach offers a different perspective into the art of education. Her experience leading teams in high-pressure situations ensures that she is able to adapt to changing circumstances and consistently meet her student’s needs.


At Baker & Bloom Megan leads the Primary Division, provides professional development opportunities for her fellow educators, delivers parent talks, and is an academic coach for private and one-on-one sessions with her students. Megan loves seeing the innate growth that her students have developed over a period of time through their own effort and hard work. One of her many highlights is having her students remark that: “classes with her are more fun that Disneyland” —twice. Allowing students to realise that learning and education can be fun and impactful is one of the core reasons that Megan became an educator in the first place.

Guiding Quote:
"Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open."
– James Dewar
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