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5 Ways We Teach Creativity @ BNB

While we can talk about creativity all we want, how do we teach it in our classrooms?

Here are 5 ways we do it:

#1 — Focusing on an Outcome and/or Product We cannot create what we cannot see, which is why highly creative people often talk about a “flash of inspiration”: their glimpse of a bigger, more complete, and more perfect whole.

We focus our courses on a specific outcome or end product, from creating a book, giving a speech, to solving a mystery. Learning how to turn what is in your head into reality is one of the most enriching and enjoyable experiences you can have.


#2 — Developing Self-Awareness and Empathy

While artists can be eccentric, it's hard to find someone who is creative and productive who is not also aware of what makes them tick (or trips them up). Developing self-awareness and empathy is crucial to being creative.

Through guided readings of award-winning books and movies, we teach students how to walk the world in other’s shoes.


#3 — Learning General and Specific Knowledge

In A Technique for Producing Ideas, James Webb Young claims that ideas “result from finding a new combination of specific knowledge (about products and people) with general knowledge (about life and events)".

We believe that this is true. In addition to teaching vocabulary, story structure, and literacy skills, our courses explore specific topics and niches. From environmental issues to deep-dives into the media, our courses give support and shape to your child’s curiosity.


#4 — Being Process-Driven

We want students to walk away from our courses with something they can use again. We can give them worksheets, word banks, and more, but how do we know whether they'll use the knowledge?

This is why we focus on teaching processes, i.e. we structure our courses so that students practice and internalise the writing process. By taking them through the steps, from idea generation to revision, students walk away confident that they can tackle any writing task.


#5 — Encouraging Reading

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat.

And as far as we are concerned, a good book is still the most entertaining, engaging, and impactful way to pick up knowledge.

By giving students the time, space, and encouragement to read before and after class, we hope that they will find in the fuel to become more creative.


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