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Junior Journalists Dylan and Dana Interview Ms. Lenore Look

Dylan and Dana hard at work!

Pt. 1 (Dylan)

Question: What did you do before you came to Baker and Bloom?

Answer: I wrote books and was a journalist. I wrote the ‘Alvin Ho’ series and ‘Ruby Lu, Brave and True’.

Question: Why do you work here?

Answer: Because I want to have fun with kids and to write with them.

Question: How old are you?

Answer: I’m 57.

Question: Where are you from?

Answer: I’m from Seattle, Washington, moved to New Jersey, then flew to Hong

Kong and landed on 29th July 2019.

Question: What’s your favorite activity when you have free time?

Answer: I do Taichi and read in my free time.


Pt. 2 (Dana)

Ms. Lenore is from Seattle, Washington, and New Jersey. She speaks English, Taishanese, a little bit of Cantonese, Mandarin and Italian. She was born on 12th March,1962. She has two younger brothers and she just moved to Hong Kong.

Ms. Lenore is a writer. She had written the series ‘Alvin Ho’ and the book ‘Ruby Lu, Brave and True’ but now she is a creative writing teacher at ‘Baker & Bloom’, an educational center. Ms. Lenore became a writer because when she was little, she has the choice of either writing her own books to read or just not reading at all. So, she chose to write books. When we interviewed Ms. Lenore, she said ‘I love my job!’

Ms. Lenore loves to read. Her favorite book is Charlotte’s Web because it is about friendship and how to be a good friend. Ms. Lenore likes to read and travel. Her favorite hobby is Taiichi and her favorite Movie is ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’. Ms. Lenore’s favorite food is shrimp & chive dumplings.

I think that Ms. Lenore is very interesting because she has so many hobbies and she is really nice to everyone. She even gave me tips about journalism. Ms. Lenore’s books are amazing. So, if you want a book recommendation, then try picking up ‘Ruby Lu, Brave and True’ or one of the ‘Alvin Ho’ books and enjoy!


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