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The inspirED Reader & Writer Primary Program addresses the fundamental needs of students aged 4-12, giving them the skills and knowledge necessary to become the best versions of themselves inside and outside the classroom.

Our program is unparalleled for five reasons:

  1. Tailor-Made for Hong Kong Students: Our carefully chosen course materials address common weaknesses and challenges of Hong Kong students, as identified by our experienced and expert teachers.

  2. Research-Based Curriculum: Our curriculum incorporates research from some of the most reputable names in education, including the Teachers College Reading & Writing Project at Columbia University, Dr. Jan Richardson’s Next Steps Program, Dr. Tim Rasinski’s The Fluent Reader, and more. 

  3. Personalised Teaching: Our small class sizes allow teachers to personalise their support for each student as identified by our in-house assessments. This consistent feedback loop ensures that our students are learning the skills they need.

  4. Strategies, not Formulas: More often than not, writing is taught through generic formulas and ends with students mimicking model texts with little thought (and learning) involved. We teach strategies and skills that allow students, through deliberate practice, to write confidently for different purposes.

  5. The "Whole Package”: There is more to language learning than reading and writing. As befitting our Four-Leaf Approach, our curriculum develops students' creativity, critical thinking, and willingness to learn. We help our students become disciplined, self-motivated learners.

Our courses are organized by modules (7-9 weeks) and terms (2 modules).

Each module features a different theme and its own thinking, reading, and writing understanding goals.


In each year band, students will:

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