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Program   Introduction

In secondary school, the academic focus and needs of students become more specific.


Our program provides students with targeted instruction to meet the knowledge requirements for different senior secondary examinations, including the IGCSE, IBDP, and AP. 

In class, students will readanalyse, and critique challenging literary and non-literary texts to develop transferable skills for school and beyond. Our course materials are developed to suit the text selections of individual schools.


Additionally, students considering boarding school will benefit from the rigorous knowledge provided, smoothing the road for their future success.

To stimulate and support our students' intellectual, aesthetic, and character growth, we push them to grapple with important and interesting ideas that will allow them to continue learning in the future.

So join us and watch your teenager turn into a life-long learner! 

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What   they   are    going   to    learn


G7-8 inspirED Reader & Writer

  • Read, discuss, and write about the potential threats and revolutionary benefits of artificial intelligence

  • Identify and summarize main ideas in varied texts

  • Develop reading comprehension skills and expand vocabulary through studying word roots and affixes

  • Reflect critically on the relationship between humans and robots (and what it means to be alive) through a novel study of Eager by Helen Fox

G9-10 IGCSE English

  • Learn the format of the various IGCSE papers and how to correctly interpret the requirements

  • Systematically analyze prescribed literary and non-literary texts in detail to develop the skills needed for IGCSE assessments

  • Receive learning support with the texts studied in individual schools, taken from the IGCSE curriculum


G11-12 IBDP English

  • Learn the skills and techincal terminology needed to succeed in Paper 1, Paper 2, and the IOC

  • Receive additional support and feedback with the Written Assignment, Written Task, IOP, and FOA

  • Receive additional instruction and support with the texts studied in individual schools.

In addition to the classes above, we also offer the following classes:

  • G7-8 inspirED Reader & Writer: US Edition

  • G9-10 inspirED Reader & Writer

  • G11-12 AP English

  • G11-12 IBDP History

To learn more about these courses, email or fill in the form here

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