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Steve Leech

Steve Leech has taught every aspect of English, from the fundamentals of grammar to literary analysis, to students spanning three different continents for over a decade.

Having studied Journalism at the University of South Florida, Steve brings his passion for storytelling with him and instills it into his students, teaching them just how impactful language and literature can be in young people's lives.


Steve Leech has been invested in stories and how we tell them since childhood, a passion that led him to undergraduate studies in Journalism at the University of South Florida. He moved into teaching right out of college, working with students from a variety of backgrounds. This experience helped him better understand the impact literature and language can have in young people's lives. He continued his studies at Clemson, where he focused on American literature, creative writing, and new media narratives while working on his Master's in English.


Since completing his studies, Steve has taught every aspect of English, from the fundamentals of grammar to literary analysis and more personal, creative expression to a wide variety of students across three continents. He has also worked as a freelance writer and editor, published short stories, and helped develop English curricula for native and secondary-language speakers.


Steve's approach to literary studies focuses on bringing language arts into students' everyday lives, helping them to understand how fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and prose function as vehicles for human ideas and emotions. Language is a tool we use every day, and through that lens, students can develop a richer understanding with untold benefits.


Outside the classroom, Steve continues to indulge in his love of stories, whether written, recorded, filmed, or coded.

Guiding Quote:
“By seeking and blundering we learn.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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