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Do you want your child to be more creative, expressive, and eager to learn,

this summer and beyond?

I know what you are thinking. 

After the long, harsh grind of the academic year, your child deserves a break. 

It is time for them to indulge in foreign and exotic locales, foods, and experiences. 


In other words, a vacation. 


Or two.  

After all, those are the memories that will stay with them. 

And yet...

You can't help but wonder if they will forget everything they have learned from the year before. 

The dreaded summer slide, combined with months of inactivity, will make any mind grow stale. 

Not to mention that all of us feel better when engaged and challenged, mentally, intellectually, and creatively. 

So, how do you strike that balance of work and play for your child? 

With Baker & Bloom's Summer Courses, of course. 

From June 10 to August 16, students at B&B will learn the knowledge, skills, and mindset to be who they want to be. 

With content taken from our inspirED English and STEM programs, our courses stimulate and inspire both knowledge and pleasure. 

Click on the buttons below to find out what your child can learn at Baker & Bloom this summer. 

P.S. We will be updating this page weekly with an article that dives deep into what makes our courses (and programs) unique. You can stay tuned to this page or click here to have them sent straight to your inbox.  Happy reading! 

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