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Tom Blackwell 

Tom Blackwell has been teaching in Hong Kong for over five years, both as an English teacher and a STEM instructor, and has taught a variety of ages from 3-16.


He is currently studying toward an integrated master’s degree in Physics with a UK university and has previously obtained a Bachelor of Art in Computer Animation.


Tom is an enthusiastic, student-focused teacher, and has a plethora of teachable subjects including (but not limited to) programming languages, such as Python and HTML, robotics, English, and mathematics. 

Education is a passion for Tom as he focuses on allowing students to learn how to learn. A strength of his is that he encourages all of his students to find their inner creator and develop their critical and creative thinking skills through problem solving. Tom seeks to enlighten young learners about the joys and wonders of STEM, while ensuring that they maintain curiosity and ask important questions to drive the inquiry process.

Tom has certification and over five years of relevant experience teaching in Hong Kong. He has been able to instil the love of coding and robotics to students from ages 3-16. Tom is also competent with programming languages such as Python, HTML and Java, and their block-based coding forms. For those students interested in other aspects of computer programming, he is proficient with a variety of software, including Minecraft coding, Roblox studio, Microbit and Scratch.

When he isn’t in the classroom, Tom enjoys hiking with his two dogs, heading to the cinema to catch the latest movie, or reading books to broaden his knowledge of the universe. Tom is looking forward meeting all the STEM creators at Baker & Bloom!

– Neil deGrasse Tyson
“Knowing how to think empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think."
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