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Module 2 of our Fall Term has begun.

What will your child learn? 

Our inspirED Reader & Writer course teaches your child to read and write at a higher level. It is easy for students to become disengaged or discouraged from learning due to the grind of the school year; our flagship course gives them the tools to learn for themselves. 

Our Creative Writing course teaches your child the secret to good storytelling. Students will learn how authors generate, produce, and refine their ideas to tell spellbinding stories, and how they can do the same

Our Public Speaking course teaches your child to become their best self. Through a variety of interactive games and activities, students will learn to become masterful communicators and persuaders.

Last but not least, our inspirED STEM courses teach your child to approach the world with curiosity, creativity, and courage. By teaching scientific thinking and knowledge in an engaging and multi-disciplinary manner, our program empowers students to approach the world confident in their ability to make a difference. 


Learning is better together, so if your child joins one of our courses and invites a friend along, we will take $500 off both students' tuition. Terms & Conditions apply. 

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